After a long period of hesitance and procrastination, I am finally beginning my blog. The main reason I’ve been hesitant is that I don’t consider myself a writer. I like to listen to people and to read more than I like to talk and write πŸ™‚ However, I realize that it’s worth a try, a way to share my thoughts and impressions about general topics and it’s a good exercise of self-expression as well as a means to record memorable and outstanding events in life, especially throughout my journey here in Kuwait. Sometimes you need something to help you remember…

In the name of my blog, the expression “joie de vivre” means “joy of living”, thus the name of my blog means “eternal joy of living”. I am an advocate of embracing every opportunity and possibility life offers you; though you may be disappointed at times, it is even more disappointing to lead a risk-free and humdrum life. As for the word “eternal”: of course, there is no sense of having a fulfilled and wondrous life if it is not everlasting…Ok, that’s not the only reason I’ve named my blog that, it’s also because it was SO difficult to choose a meaningful blog name and that’s what I came up with πŸ˜›

I hope to be consistent in writing in my blog though I believe the purpose of my blog will mainly be, during the time that I’m in Kuwait, to inform people about any interesting and worthy events, activities, music recitals, concerts, places to visit (yes, other than shopping malls and restaurants!) in Kuwait (which I wish I started much earlier because surprisingly enough, I have had the chance to attend many interesting concerts, bazaars, events, exhibitions, etc.) I enjoy searching for these rare opportunities online or hearing about them by word of mouth and I am always interested in any way to keep my life here in Kuwait entertaining, cultivating and bright.