Last Tuesday, January 3rd, a friend of mine informed me of the Bloggers’ Gathering event at Altro Level restaurant. I was hesitant about attending for two reasons: I had no idea where this place was and did not feel like getting lost and secondly because I didn’t consider myself as an official and consistent blogger yet as I had just started my blog about a week ago. Nonetheless, I decided to go. I needed directions to the restaurant so I called 18080 to get the number of this restaurant as it wasn’t available anywhere online. They were not able to find the restaurant’s number either and so finally, I asked for the number of a restaurant that is near Altro Level and I thought that way I can ask them for directions. It turned out to be easy to get to. Altro Level restaurant is located in Abu Hassaniya village, a place I’ve never heard of before, in Fintas. If you take the 30 and exit at 208, turn left at the light and you will find the restaurant right away on your right.

It was a pleasant evening where I got to meet some of the bloggers. The food was beyond exquisite, the waiters continuously set food on the table, course after course. The dishes were a mix of Italian, American and fusion cuisine. We had meals ranging from pizza, steak, fettuccine, tasteful salads such as Rocca salad and Caesar salad, mini burgers, quesadillas, chicken picata. The deserts were divine: panacota (that was my favourite!) and the chocolate molten cake.

The interior design of the restaurant was modern and swanky. Each area of the restaurant had a different theme: American, Italian and French.

I was able to capture some pictures of the restaurant and of the food but the quality isn’t that great as I took the pictures with my phone (I really wish I had my camera!). In the pictures, there is a picture of a man: he is the owner of the restaurant. There is also a group picture of the chef and waiters together. The waiters were so courteous and one of them insisted on carrying the Zain gift box to my car (Zain: was sponsoring the event). I left with a bittersweet feeling as I had a wonderful time yet I couldn’t forget what the waiter told me as she was carrying the box to my car “Don’t worry ma’am, I have carried much heavier things when I worked at Hardees”. The politeness, patience and dedication to their work of the waiters and workers here in general never ceases to amaze me.

Here is a link to my pictures (soon I’ll try to figure out how I can have them appear in my post):