About two weeks ago, I attended an Islamic Art Exhibition at the Grand Mosque in Kuwait City. As I entered the exhibition room and heard the anasheed (Islamic songs), I was reminded of the many Islamic events, bazaars and exhibitions I would attend back home in Montreal, Canada. I was beaming with joy, glad that there was such an event here in Kuwait. If only they had more of these types of events. There was a display of magnificent paintings of Arabic calligraphy, even a section of Chinese calligraphy with Arabic letters. Other displays consisted of origami, carpets, ancient copies of the Quran, a collection of Kuwaiti clothing, antique jewellery and even a microscopic copy of the Quran!

They offered workshops such as weaving, calligraphy, crochet, bookmarks workshop, traditional attire workshop and an Islamic ornamentation workshop. I even got the chance to design my own bag at textile printing workshop and learned how to do crochet (it was quite difficult!) 🙂 It was a nice opportunity for the youth to explore and develop their abilities.

Sadly, the exhibition ends today. I hope they have more of these types of exhibitions in the future.
View pictures here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/23688823@N08/sets/72157628582976921/