On Wednesday January 4th, I attended a Persian Music Night led by Ali Akbar Moradfar, at the Dar Al Athar Al Islamiyah (DAI) in Maidan Hawalli*. The music was absolutely mesmerizing and triggered my imagination. The main instrument was the santur which is a Persian hammered dulcimer fashioned in a trapezoid-shaped box, often made of walnut or other exotic woods.

As usual, the music recitals at Dar Al Athar Al Islamiyah impress and amaze me and always leave me wanting to attend more of their events. Be sure to visit their website regularly and stay tuned. Coming up this Wednesday, January 25th is “Egyptian Music Night” at 7 pm.

On many occasions, events that I attend here in Kuwait have somehow reminded me of home, of Montreal. This one actually brought back memories of an Iranian restaurant I used to go to in Montreal, called Tehran. They had the most amazing kabab koobideh and saffron rice. It also reminded me of my dear Iranian friends and classmates in Montreal 🙂

DAI also holds lectures about various topics and they have journal writing class and book clubs that take place often.

Click here for a few pictures of the performers at the music night

Ali Akbar Moradfar – Santur, Tonbak, Daf
Hussain Qomsheh – Tar
Ramadan Khusrow – ‘Ud
Mitra Bayati – Vocals

I really wish I can share my recordings of some pieces they have played but I am still learning about how I can share my mp4 or mp3 files here.

But for now, just to get a taste of the kind of music they were playing, here is a beautiful music piece that my sister shared with me. Of course, this is a bit more of a contemporary piece as it sounds more like “lounge” type of music and the music they played at the concert was more classical Persian music but this is just to give you an idea of how the santur sounds. I did some research and I believe the instrument played at the beginning is the santur and not the sitar, though I think both are very similar. Enjoy! 🙂

* Dar Al Athar Al Islamiyah is located at Al-Maidan Cultural Centre at Abduallah Al-Salem School in Maidan Hawalli. It is between Sha’ab Leisure Park and the Kuwait Hyatt Hotel.