During AWARE Center’s Cultural Exhibition last October, one of the tasty appetizers which were being served at the event were, in all honesty, the most incredible kibbeh I’ve ever tasted!

Sandy Coo-coons is owned by a Kuwaiti lady called Um Ayman who makes these tantalizing snacks using exotic Kuwaiti spices and a mixture of the finest lamb and ground beef. I’ve ordered them two times until now and it’s been a hit at both of my dinner gatherings so far. You can either buy them frozen or ready. On their website, under “Products”, there is a YouTube video that explains to you how you can fry them.

I found the spices used so flavorful that I had to ask Um Ayman what it is she uses exactly. Her response was Kuwaiti spices and I asked her where I can find that; she then generously offered and insisted that she sends some with the driver when I receive my order. I haven’t used the spices yet in my cooking but they smell so delicious!

Thought I’d share with you this seemingly not very well-known company. You should definitely try it out! Order some at your next event or social gathering 🙂